Ownership of Burthwaite 1865 to 1898

Burthwaite Cottages - the nearest was where the shoemaker lived and had a workshop in the garden.  The furthest row (now Hillhouse) was two cottages and there were a further 6 terraced and running from the rear of them down the lane side.

In the 1861 Census John Pearson 73yrs the estate owner and operating the Stone Quarry employing of 6 men.  He lived with his wife Ann 63yrs and Joseph Scott grandson 6yrs bn St Cuthberts without is shown with them.

On 22 Nov 1864 John Person made a will appointing Edward Bewley, James Atkinson & Robert Armstrong as executors and trustees of the estate for Elizabeth Atkinson his niece.  There was no mention of his daughter Elizabeth or his grandson Joseph Scott - we shall never know the why.

On 10th April 1865 John Pearson died – having made no changes to his will.

The 1871 Census shows John Atkinson 43 years Born Middlesceugh a Farmer with 263 acres employing 6 men at Blackwell Park with his wife Bridget Atkinson 37 years born High Lows, Abbey Holme and son James Atkinson 12 yrs born Fingland Rigg Bowness.  There were also 4 servants (one an indoor servant).

On 31st May 1879 Elizabeth Atkinson died leaving estate to her husband James Atkinson and eldest son James Bewley Atkinson.

On 9th Aug 1886 James Bewley Atkinson made a will leaving his part of the estate to his wife Georgina during her lifetime and then equally between their 3 children             

On 1st Sept 1886 James Bewley Atkinson died leaving his wife Georgina and 3 children.

On 5th Feb 1884 Georgina Atkinson made will appointing Henry Barnes, John Dixon Wright as executors and trustees of the estate to be held for the benefit of her 3 children

The 1891 Census  shows Blackwell Park in the occupation of    Joseph Guardhouse 45yrs farmer Bn Cumberland  his wife       Margaret Guardhouse wife 38yrs bn Cumberland they had 6 sons and one daughter between the age of 2 and 16 years and two servants.

On 28th Jan 1898 Georgina Atkinson died and on 29th April 1898 James Atkinson died.