The 1934 Sale of Woodside estate (including Burthwaite)

The late Andrew Gibson Esq. had purchased Woodside Estate from the Unitarian College Oxford (it had been bequeathed to them by the Losh family) over twenty years earlier. 

He had enlarged it, as neighbouring estates and land came on the market, it was said to have been his pride and hobby.

The sale by auction - if not privately before - was set for Wednesday 18th July 1934.  The sale catalogue tells its own tale.


Blackhall Park was tenanted by Mr Robert Coulthard who bought it with the Quarry Woods as sitting tenant and also bought the four Burthwaite cottages, Orchard House Farm and Moor Park Farm. 

He can be remembered as a 'Gentleman Farmer' who on threshing days brought out refreshments for the men, dressed in a tweed suit.

The conveyance was signed on 15th January 1935.

Bankdale Park Farm was tenanted by Mr J Teasdale and Sons who purchased it in this sale.


Burthwaite Croft and Chaplehill (on the Wreay Road) were both bought by a Mr Spark, a Penrith businessman.

James Mitchinson and family continued the tenancy of Burthwaite Croft.

Charles and Mary Perry rented Burthwaite Villa (now Thwaite House).


One of the Cottages was tenanted by Mr Charles Doxford and the remaining three were used for estate workers and in the occupation of the Estate Gardener, Estate Worker and Under-Keeper (all un-named).

Mr Joseph Thelkeld was tenant of Orchard House Farm.