The 1908 sale documentation

The estate was put up for sale by auction on 18th July 1908

The pictures below tell the story but not all the story, it appears not to have sold - details of the conveyance are shown on the next page.


It is interesting how ownership has diversified to various heirs

·         Isaac Harrison Swallow Solicitor of 61 Carey Street, Lincolns Inn, London

·         James Higginbottom Atkinson Gentleman of Lassenham, Newenden, Kent

·         William Harold Grindrod 97, Manchester Road, Southport, Lancaster

·         Francis Benjamine Swallow Gentleman of Oldenburg, Swanley, Kent

·         Elizabeth Swallow wife of Alan James Swallow Physician of The Laurels, South Side, Clapham Common

·         Gladys Mary Thornley wife of Eric Wylde Thornley Quantity Surveyor of Inglenook, Heswall, Cheshire