Burthwaite's Social Structure in 1851

The 1851 census shows the social structure as: -

Quarry Owner John Pearson, employing 8 men.
John and Ann have started the quarry, probably living in Burthwaite Villa and the farm is let to the Atkinson family.

The old picture is of Burthwaite Villa (now Thwaite House) note the thatched roof - date unknown.

Wm Atkinson farmer 230 acres employing 6 Labourers

(Blackwell Park Farm - where there were 10 residents)

Joseph Squires Farmer 11 acres

(No other farmers shown)

Agric Labourers 7

Hand Loom Weavers 5

Grocers 2

Stone Masons 2

1 dwelling unoccupied

14 dwellings occupied

A total of 73 residents – today there are 18