A Brief History of a Cumbrian Hamlet

 Researched by Frank Bewley and Kathryn Atkinson                                                Web site by Frank Bewley

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Burthwaite is a small hamlet on the outskirts of Carlisle in Cumbria, England.


It's history is synonymous with the history of Blackhall Park Estate

(also called Blackwell Park in some records)

                            Blackhall Park Farm

Until recent times the owner of Blackhall Park

also owned all eight cottages, the two farms of

Orchard House, Burthwaite Croft and the

small holding of Burthwaite Villa (now Thwaite House).

Our story begins with the birth of John Pearson

christened on 23 Oct 1787 son of Adam Pearson

farmer of Bell Bridge Sebergham his wife Elizabeth.


John Pearson’s wife Ann was born at Hawkesdale

and christened on 26th January 1799 at Dalston.

Daughter of John Harrison of Hawkesdale,

a weaver and his wife Anne.


On 18th March 1837 Elizabeth Pearson daughter

of John Pearson and Ann was christened at

St Cuthbert’s Carlisle, he is shown as a Yeoman

of Blackhall Park Estate.