Burthwaite looking north - towards Carlisle.


Burthwaite looking south - towards Calthwaite and Penrith.


Blackhall Park today - this Farm and Durdar House are run as one, it having been added to Durdar House Farm when Robert Coulthard retired.
This conveyance is date 20th November 1965.

Robert Coulthard also made a deed of gift of one of the four cottages to the Hogg family who worked for him.

Another cottage had been sold as a building site for a new build to a Mr Stuart McBeth - the conveyance is dated 15th February 1965.


Burthwaite Villa (Thwaite House today) and below - as it was in 1908 with Postcard Text and date below that.


Burthwaite Croft today - the old house has been replaced and this Farm and Orchard House are run as one.